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A l b u m s   b y   M a i t r a y e e

After immigrating to the United States, Maitrayee started to miss the country of her origin, India. This inspired her and soon the flashes of Indian memories shaped into wonderful songs about the country and its culture. Maitrayee recorded Navi Vahurani in 2004. It is a compilation of her original written and composed Gujarati wedding songs. Navi Vahurani means New Bride. 

An overwhelming positive response from the buyers of Navi Vahurani encouraged Maitrayee to make another album. During her next visit to India in 2005, she recorded another album 'Madhoshi', which is a compilation of original Gujarati songs. 

'Balmaa' is a third cd by Maitrayee. It has Hindustani classical and semi classical pieces. Beautiful accompaniment of sarangi and tabla compliments her soothing vocals in 'Balmaa'.

All three albums are written, composed and sung by Maitrayee.

N a v i   V a h u r a n i

M a d h o s h i

B a l m a a

S h o p   T h e   C o l l e c t i o n

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