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A  b  o  u  t

M a i t r a y e e   S c h o o l   o f   I n d i a n   M u s i c

Since 2006, Maitrayee has taught Indian classical music to students of all ages and skill levels. The school follows the curriculum followed in India for Hindustani Vocal Music. Other genres of Indian music, like bhajan, folk songs, movie songs are  introduced to the students periodically. We also host a musical recital once a year where students perform and exhibit their skills acquired throughout the school year.

L  e  s  s  o  n  s

We provide both group and private lessons. In group lessons, beginners are paired with peers of the same skill level, and work through the curriculum together. In private lessons, more experienced students are given the one-on-one attention they need to further their education. Due to the coronavirus emergency, we are now offering online classes.

T u i t i o n

Lessons are one hour long, and students attend one lesson per week. Group lessons consisting of four or more students are $120 per month, and private lessons are $160 per month. Students also pay an enrollment fee of $50 to cover the cost of their textbook. You can pay either online via Zelle or by check.

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Or call us at 610-918-9677

T e s t i m o n i a l s  b y  S t u d e n t s



"I've been learning from Maitrayee since I was in 2nd grade. Maitrayee has helped me grow into a fan of classical music and has helped me find confidence in my singing ability that I will be able to rely on forever. The classes that seemed at first a chore as a kid became a part of my identity as  I grew up. She has not only been a teacher to me, but she has been a mentor and friend in all parts of life. Maitrayee takes true interest in her art and has a passion for teaching that is reflected in the growth of her students”


"I have been learning Hindustani Classical Music from Maitrayee Aunty for about 8 years now. As I have grown up, one of the only constants in my life has been looking forward to going to my next singing class. Maitrayee Aunty is an excellent and dedicated teacher who is always trying her best to help her students improve. She is very encouraging and instills confidence in her students with a smile and an encouraging “just try it”. She helps us improve our musicality by not only teaching us the right sur and taal, but also teaching us the meanings of the songs so that we understand how to convey a specific tone and emotion." 



"I have been a student of Maitrayee auntie for almost 8 years now. She can build incredible relationships with people and connect to her students on a personal level. She has an incredible and unfailing strategy to teaching, and has lots of patience and belief in her students. I truly believe that no other teacher would ever be able to get me to my current point in fluency as well as she has. I continue to look forward to my classes with her every day. She is truly the best music teacher out there."
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"I have been studying from Maitrayee teacher for 6 years. I have improved my vocals and got knowledge of Indian music. Along with this, I understand Indian mythology as it depicts from my teachers song / music selection. I was able to improvise in playing harmonium. The vocals and performances helped me with getting more confidence, and helps with my School events I participate in. As I continue to learn from her on advance topics, I highly recommend her teaching style and methods."



"Maitrayee auntie's singing class was one of the most beneficial experiences for me in terms of developing musically. With her guidance, I was able to learn the technicalities of Hindustani singing and as a result become more confident in myself and my voice."

P e r f o r m a n c e s   b y   S t u d e n t s

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