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We collaborate with other musicians for events. We provide live music for all kind of events, from bhajans to baby showers; weddings to festivals. We have songs for every occasion that will make your event memorable!   

W e d d i n g s

We specialize in live music for Gujarati weddings with traditional Lagna Geet throughout the ceremony. The  songs create an uplifting atmosphere, from the beginning when the groom enters the hall, to the end of the vidaai ceremony. We also provide Bollywood music for mehndi and Sangeet night for weddings. We bring our own sound system and speaker set-up to ensure the best sound for your wedding. Our prices and services can be tailored to fit in your budget! Request a quote today.

G a r b a

Garba is the traditional folk dance of Gujarat state in India, that is performed by people during the festival of Navratri. Many Gujarati weddings also have Raas Garba as a part of the celebration. We work with a live band to provide music for Garba and Raas at events of Navratri /Weddings.

P a r t i e s

Have a birthday or an anniversary coming up? We provide live enterntaiment for the event, and create a list of modern and old classic Bollywood hits that complement your party!

K i r t a n

We promise to create a serene atmosphere with our soulful devotional song selection. We can do kirtan for any cultural occasion like house warming, Ram Navmi/ Janmashtami festivals etc.

T e s t i m o n i a l s  b y  C l i e n t s



"We wanted to create an auspicious and blissful atmosphere for our wedding. Maitrayeeben was very easy to work with and the reservation process was without stress. However, more than anything was the beautiful voice and its impact in creating the perfect ambience. We truly appreciate her talent and are proud she played a part in our wedding day." - Vipul

prina wedding.jpg


“Maitrayeeben did an excellent job singing at my wedding. She came with her own sound system and they were able to connect seamlessly with the venue's sound system. Her songs correlated exactly with what was going on in the ceremony. Everyone loved the live music! Would definitely recommend it to anyone!” - Prina

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